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Welcome to the Sunset Fiberglass Pools FAQ page, where we address common questions and provide valuable information to guide you on your journey to the perfect pool experience. If you have any additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team for personalized assistance.

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Why choose a Sunset Fiberglass Pool?

  • Our pools are handcrafted using American Made Products.
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Easy Operation
  • Unique Features
  • No Clear Coat

Do you use resin fillers?

Sunset Fiberglass Pools are built using high grade marine FRP resin products. These products make tour pools the most consistent product available today. The exterior shell colors are uniform and not dyed, tinted nor vary from pool to pool.

Hand cut and laid material.

Our fiberglass pools feature a critical point lamination process that utilizes hand cut sheet fabric for each swimming pool model. The industry has no real standard for the way a fiberglass pool is physically fabricated. Our pools use a similar process to that of a high end yacht placing the structural material across the pool shell from side to side instead of from one end to other, most companies lay the bulk glass on the pool from end to end using longer runs of material, or just use what’s called gun roving or chop glass that’s sprayed on the mold and controlled by the operator of the spray equipment. Our pools have craftsmanship you can visualize compared to the other brands that may be available the outside lamination is smooth and clean and not full of splinters the best in the business.

Do you use spreader beams?

Most fiberglass pools are shipped with a belly band or spreader bar across the pool to hold its shape during the handling and installation. The critical point lamination process on our pools enables the pool to support itself and a spreader bar or belly band is not required to handle and place.

Why is Fiberglass better?

Low Maintenance: The shell of a fiberglass pool is nonporous therefore inhibiting the growth of algae and reducing the amount of chemicals needed to maintain the pool

  • Never have to drain
  • No vinyl liner to replace
  • Never have to resurface
  • Smooth non-abrasive surface
  • Built in seats and steps (these are additional charges when buying vinyl or concrete)
  • Manufactured in a factory climate controlled environment
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Quick installation – weather permitting on average ready for concrete in two-three days.
  • Complete ready to swim in 2-3 weeks

Fiberglass vs. Vinyl

  • Liner is going to have a higher lifetime cost.
  • You are going to replace your liner at some point costing you on average $2,500.00-$4,000.00 plus the cost of water.
  • Have to use pool cautiously with care: kids throwing stuff in pool, pets, tree limbs, etc.
  • A liner is only 20-30 ml thick, one mistake could cost you.
  • If you go to sell your home there is a lower resale value. If a home is being sold with a vinyl liner pool the question that is always going to be asked, “How old is the liner in the pool?” If it is more than 3-4 years old, it is going to be asked to be replaced before the house is sold.
  • At least 6 hrs of maintenance per week. Longer installation time on average 4-8 weeks.

Fiberglass vs. Concrete

  • Concrete pools will need to be resurfaced/renovated at least every 10-15 years, this involves retiling and resurfacing the pool at an average expense of 8,000-15,000 and can be more depending on the pool size.
  • More chemical use: The surface of concrete pools are very porous, more chemicals are needed to prevent algae.
  • The alkaline ph of the pool also constantly raises the ph of the water; this in turn requires the constant adding of acid to counter balance.
  • More maintenance - concrete pools need to be constantly brushed with a pool brush to make sure the algae is removed from the pours/surface
  • Concrete pools usually take 2-4 months to install

Hear From Our Clients

My wife and I recently completed our pool. Broc was a tremendous asset throughout the entire process. Being our first pool, he was instrumental in providing us with the vision and understanding of the entire process. His knowledge of the business was exceptional. He held our hand through the entire process which not only minimized our worries, but most importantly made this one of the most exciting times in our life. Our family and neighbors will enjoy our pool for years to come!

Brenden W.

The Sunset pools crew was great. A very professional job and everything went incredibly fast. We have had no problem recommending these guys our friends. They made sure every detail was addressed and have responded to every phone call we have made to them, even after the job was done.

Sherry S.

Right from the start, Broc and the staff of Sunset Fiberglass Pools impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. Our grand kids and guests enjoyed the pool through out the summer. In summary, you have earned our most enthusiastic recommendation!

Dick B.

If you are in the market for a pool, I would look no farther. I could not have asked for better customer service. Broc went above and beyond when it came to helping me with everything from design to buying products for my pool. I don’t know many people that go on vacation and leave their cell number with you just in case you have any questions because I was a new pool owner and not sure of anything I was doing just yet. I could not have asked for better service and the pool and spa are beautiful. My teens and their friends enjoyed the pool in the summer and have used the spa all winter long. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to add the pool and spa. Thanks Broc!

Sherry A.

When I decided to install a swimming pool, I took the advice of a colleague who highly recommended Brock Hutchison and Sunset Fiberglass Pools. After seeing the pool installation at my colleague’s house, I contacted Broc. In fact, I had decided on another company until Broc explained his product to me, and I realized he had an excellent product. Brock definitely knows the pool business and obtains highly skilled workers from start to finish. I was swimming in the pool within one week. If you are considering getting a swimming pool, I recommend Broc without any hesitation.

Ray P.

Broc took care of all of the details involved with installing a pool...all the way from excavation to landscape and fencing. He explained everything we would need to have a great pool in our back yard, taking the time to explain each step of the process. Broc delivered on every promise he made and was “hands on” during the installation. Additionally, his sub-contractors were dependable, professional and cleaned up after themselves. We highly recommend Broc and Sunset Pools. We are extremely satisfied and pleased, and we are looking forward to lots of backyard summer fun!

Nancy B.

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