The construction of your new backyard resort begins with a careful inspection of the swimming pool shell mold or form. These design molds are hand-crafted by our company technicians. The form is prepped and your new interior finish is applied. This surface called gel-coat is especially formulated to our standards for your best choice of any interior pool surface. The pool bottom and steps have built-in slip resistance. The third step in production is to encapsulate this new finish with a modified epoxy barrier coat. This barrier coat protects the pool finish from moisture, provides strength for the surface as well as increases elasticity (flexibility) of the pool shell. The fourth process involves using hand laid layers of composite materials to add the bulk of the laminate. Sun pools feature a unique lamination pattern called our Critical Point Lamination process. This process involves using sheet fiberglass fabric that is hand-cut and hand laid for each pool (A). The process places the building material across the pool from side to side, instead of the industry standard of end to end. Our process creates one of the industries toughest pools. Your new Sun Pool won’t need a belly band or spreader bar (brace) across the pool when installed (B).

poolbandingAfter the main fabrication is completed, the team of laminators places reinforcing materials on the side walls and coping or top rim of the pool.

The completed pool is removed from the mold and outfitted with your package. Sun Pools are shipped complete: pool, light housings, plumbing fittings, tile, and waterfalls are already factory placed when your pool shell arrives saving weeks of installation time



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