Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Sun Fiberglass Pool?

  • Sun Fiberglass Pools are handcrafted using American Made Products.
  • Built in Kentucky
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Easy Operation
  • Unique Features
  • No Clear Coat


No Resin Fillers

Sun Fiberglass Pools are built using high grade marine FRP resin products. These products make the Sun Fiberglass Pool the most consistent product available today the exterior shell colors are uniform and not dyed, tinted or vary from pool to pool.


Hand Cut and Laid Material

The Sun Fiberglass Products feature a critical point lamination process that utilizes hand cut sheet fabric for each swimming pool model. The industry has no real standard for the way a fiberglass pool is physically fabricated. At Sun Fiberglass they use a similar process to that of a high end yacht placing the structural material on across the pool shell from side to side instead of from one end to other, most companies lay the bulk glass on the pool from end to end using longer runs of material, or just use what’s called gun roving or chop glass that’s sprayed on the mold and controlled by the operator of the spray equipment. The Sun Fiberglass pool has craftsmanship you can visualize compared to the other brands that may be available the outside lamination is smooth and clean and not full of splinters the best in the business.


No Spreader Beams on Shell

Most fiberglass pools are shipped with a belly band or spreader bar across the pool to hold its shape during the handling and installation. The critical point lamination process on the Sun Fiberglass Pools enables the pool to support itself and a spreader bar or belly band is not required to handle and place a Sun Pool.


Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Liner & Concrete:

Low Maintenance: The shell of a fiberglass pool is nonporous therefor inhibiting the growth of algae and reducing the amount of chemicals needed to maintain the pool

  • Never have to drain
  • No vinyl liner to replace
  • Never have to resurface
  • Smooth non-abrasive surface
  • Built in seats and steps (these are additional charges when buying vinyl or concrete)
  • Manufactured in a factory climate controlled environment
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Quick installation – weather permitting on average ready for concrete in two-three days.
  • Complete ready to swim in 2-3 weeks


Vinyl Liner:

  • Liner is going to have a higher lifetime cost
  • You are going to replace your liner at some point costing you on average $2,500.00-$4,000.00 plus the cost of water
  • Have to use pool cautiously with care: kids throwing stuff in pool, pets, tree limbs, etc.
  • A liner is only 20-30 ml thick, one mistake could cost you
  • If you go to sale your home there is a lower resale value. If a home is being sold with a vinyl liner pool the question that is always going to be asked, “How old is the liner in the pool?” If it is more than 3-4 years old, it is going to be asked to be replaced before the house is sold.
  • At least 6 hrs of maintenance per week Longer installation time on average 4-8 weeks



  • Concrete pools will need to be resurfaced/renovated at least every 10-15 years, this involves retiling and resurfacing the pool at an average expense of 8,000-15,000 and can be more depending on the pool size.
  • More chemical use: The surface of concrete pools are very porous, more chemicals are needed to prevent algae.
  • The alkaline ph of the pool also constantly raises the ph of the water; this in turn requires the constant adding of acid to counter balance.
  • More maintenance - concrete pools need to be constantly brushed with a pool brush to make sure the algae is removed from the pours/surface
  • Concrete pools usually take 2-4 months to install

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